Various Limousines and their utilities

The limos are the perfect choice to grace an important occasion in our lives. Whenever we think about limos, we visualize the incredibly stretched black and white model which can be said as an extended sedan. However, at present, there are various limo variants. These have been particularly designated considering their purpose. In the US the most popular limos are the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300, Hummer H2, Ford Excursion, and the Lincoln Navigator.

Limos are rarely owned by individuals and are mostly hired. The essential points to be taken into account while renting a limo would be the number of persons riding in it, the budget of renting the limo and the distance to be traveled. These days apart from the traditional black and white colored limos, they are also available in silver and grey colors. Here is a look at some of the most popularly used limos right now.

Hummer Limos
These limos are just perfect to accommodate a large number of people. The appearance of the Hummer Limo is an extremely stretched variant. Everyone in the streets ought to take notice of this car. The interior of the Hummer Limos include all the modern amenities. These include fiber optics, mirrored ceilings, stereo systems, DVD systems, champagne bars, video game consoles, LED televisions, and even casinos. The Hummer Limos can easily accommodate more than twenty people. It ensures an ultimate luxurious experience for everyone. This limo is generally rented for party occasions.

Lincoln Limos
One of the oldest forms of limos, they are always known for their class and luxury. These limos are generally used for important occasions. Even the government honors top political leaders by transporting them in these limos. Most of the top notch personalities usually are spotted in these vehicles. Lincoln Limos are now also being used for weddings, graduations, parties, corporate events and any other traveling purposes. The makers of the Lincoln Limos emphasize a lot on the security features of this car. It includes all the modern amenities that a limo should include and it can accommodate at least sixteen people.

Party Bus
This is ideal for a group of more than forty people who love partying while on the move. Needless to say, these buses have all the modern amenities that a limo should include plus much more like an onboard restroom, dancing poles. Something that is unimaginable in a normal bus. The trend to hire these party buses has now become increasingly popular. The party bus can also be an ideal companion for those looking to travel places

Executive Sedan
The sedan limo is the most used limo service throughout the United States. The stretchable limos have certain limitations while plying on the roads, these executive sedans offer a perfect solution to those who prefer a luxurious and yet discreet transportation service. This particular limo is mainly used for business people for transporting clients and important members of the organization. The executive sedan is always considered a worthy alternative than a taxi and is therefore used for transportation from and to different airports. These limos can easily mix in the normal traffic and has all the facilities that one would look for. Its class and styling makes it the king of all the limos. This limo is convenient for three people.

Stretch and Super Stretch Limos
These are the extended versions of the sedans and are a popular choice for social occasions. Stretch limos can accommodate up to eight people while the super stretch limos are ideal for more than fourteen people. These have luxurious facilities the chauffeur of this limo needs to be skilled at driving the car smoothly.

SUV Limos
The SUV limos are favored by everyone. Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL or Cadillac Escalade ESV are some of the popular models in this category. These limos are ideal companions for almost any form of trips. They have large interior spaces to accommodate bags and strollers. Depending on the requirement the SUV limos can be used by travelers, party goers, businessmen, weddings and educational trips. The SUV limo has a wide range of seating arrangements. It can provide room for six persons to twenty-four passengers.

Why Choose a Limousine?

The Limousines are the perfect style statement for everybody. Actually, if you do not know this, various car models can be used to develop a limousine. The first impression when you look at a limousine will make you feel excited. The signature appearance of any limousine is that they are stretched. This is at least more than twice than any other cars you can think of. Therefore, limousines are not going to run everywhere. They have selected routes and operate accordingly says Roy who runs Reservelimo an established Travel company for limo service in los angeles. The concept of limousines has its roots way back in the 1900’s. The modern limousines can be defined as a luxury sedan driven by a professional chauffeur and having a partition between the driver and passenger compartment. They will always have an extended wheelbase and four to six doors and windows.

Limousines are specifically used for serving important people. Mostly, limousines are owned by governments to serve the senior politicians, some companies also use this car for transporting important executives and guests. There are some wealthy and affluent people who own a limousine but their numbers are very limited. There has been an increasing trend of renting a limousine among those who cannot own this car to celebrate their special occasions like weddings, proms and bachelor parties. Traditionally, a limousine will be either black or white in color. However, both the colors and the types are now changing.

Limousines are now being manufactured based on the way they are going to be used. For example, corporate limousines and those going to be rented for private occasions are going to be different. Additionally, limousines are also being used to accommodate more and more people, as a result limousine buses are also operational.

As of now, the most expensive limousines are manufactured by high-class European automobile owners. Some of these limousines may look different to the conventional limousines but are loaded with stunning features and are rather expensive. As the trend to use these limousines for professional and personal needs are increasing, the variants of limousines are also changing. Limousines can also be availed in versions like the stretch, super stretch, ultra stretch or ultra super stretch. As the name suggests, the number of passengers these vehicles can accommodate is more. Most of these modern limousines are the ultimate word in luxury. The interiors can include, TV, DVD-players, bar restaurants, pool, aquarium and even a golf course.

In the US alone, more than fifty companies are developing various types of limousines. Tiffany Coachworks, Dream Coachworks, Crystal Enterprises and some more are well-established limousine manufacturers in the US. The Dream six axle Lincoln Navigator, and Crystal could portray such a wonderful creature, a Hummer H2 with eight doors are some of the well-known limousines from these companies.

Owing to its extended length, driving a limousine can be quite challenging. Therefore, only professionally trained and qualified chauffeurs are appointed to do this job. Limousines are unable to make a sharp turn, thus they need to operate on wider streets for a smoother experience. Limousines can also run into problems, after all, they are nothing but vehicles. However, limousine repairs cannot be done in each and every service centers. There are specialized centers to make the necessary repairs. Normal service centers will be incapable of lifting the limousine, which is normal for any vehicle during servicing or repairs.

Limousine service in Orlando

For those who are not ready to compromise even when they are traveling, renting limousines would be the perfect way to ensure an elegant trip. Thankfully, in the United States, there are several chartered services that allow you to rent limousines. Particularly, if you are in the beautiful city of Orlando, you are going to find a host of limousine rental services to cater your transportation needs. The good thing is, you can book the limousine for the entire trip in advance. Therefore, as soon as you step out of the airport, your pre-ordered limousine will be waiting for you. This is a welcome relief else you had to stand in the queue for a taxi to reach your desired destination.

Before booking or renting a specific limousine service, you can search over the internet for the best reviews. They will be your immediate guide introducing you to the best limousine rental providers. Regardless of the purpose, you are going to avail this service you are always going to find a limousine service useful. Presently, both business persons and those who visit Orlando for the sake of sightseeing find this renting a limo service to be very useful as they get good value for their money. Moreover, you are always destined to have a luxurious, safe and reliable journey. So, once you have decided on a specific limo service in Orlando, you can register for the services online and pay in advance for the services.

In Orlando, the limousine rental services will always ensure that you get the best experience when you are traveling. They are extremely courteous and their chauffeurs are very knowledgeable and friendly. Just by searching a little the best limousine charter companies should be accessible. These services insist on using the state of the art technology for providing the customers with a world-class traveling experience. They are powered with gadgets, have in-depth knowledge of the route maps and this helps in safe and punctual arrival at the selected destinations.

Almost all the Orlando limo charter service are well-known for their punctuality. Thus, you will never experience a situation when after coming out of the Orlando airport you have to remain stranded for the limo service to come and pick you up. By all means, they set high standards compared to the other modes of transportation. Some of the limo rental services in Orlando boast of having dedicated customers. They have managed to earn this reputation because of their high standards.

Lastly, Orlando’s limo rental companies usually have a fleet of limousines. Understandably, the choice and requirement will be different for various individuals. A person who is in Orlando for a business meeting will usually prefer a sedan limo while a group looking to visit the interesting places of Orlando will prefer the party bus. These companies have all the known variants of limousines for just about everyone. All the limos are properly insured and they comply with the safety regulations. Some of these rental companies can also help you sort out a perfect travel plan if you are new in Orlando. This is eventually going to save a lot of time and money for the consumer. You are destined to have a fulfilling experience while traveling with any of the best Orlando limo rental services.