Various Limousines and their utilities

The limos are the perfect choice to grace an important occasion in our lives. Whenever we think about limos, we visualize the incredibly stretched black and white model which can be said as an extended sedan. However, at present, there are various limo variants. These have been particularly designated considering their purpose. In the US the most popular limos are the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300, Hummer H2, Ford Excursion, and the Lincoln Navigator.

Limos are rarely owned by individuals and are mostly hired. The essential points to be taken into account while renting a limo would be the number of persons riding in it, the budget of renting the limo and the distance to be traveled. These days apart from the traditional black and white colored limos, they are also available in silver and grey colors. Here is a look at some of the most popularly used limos right now.

Hummer Limos
These limos are just perfect to accommodate a large number of people. The appearance of the Hummer Limo is an extremely stretched variant. Everyone in the streets ought to take notice of this car. The interior of the Hummer Limos include all the modern amenities. These include fiber optics, mirrored ceilings, stereo systems, DVD systems, champagne bars, video game consoles, LED televisions, and even casinos. The Hummer Limos can easily accommodate more than twenty people. It ensures an ultimate luxurious experience for everyone. This limo is generally rented for party occasions.

Lincoln Limos
One of the oldest forms of limos, they are always known for their class and luxury. These limos are generally used for important occasions. Even the government honors top political leaders by transporting them in these limos. Most of the top notch personalities usually are spotted in these vehicles. Lincoln Limos are now also being used for weddings, graduations, parties, corporate events and any other traveling purposes. The makers of the Lincoln Limos emphasize a lot on the security features of this car. It includes all the modern amenities that a limo should include and it can accommodate at least sixteen people.

Party Bus
This is ideal for a group of more than forty people who love partying while on the move. Needless to say, these buses have all the modern amenities that a limo should include plus much more like an onboard restroom, dancing poles. Something that is unimaginable in a normal bus. The trend to hire these party buses has now become increasingly popular. The party bus can also be an ideal companion for those looking to travel places

Executive Sedan
The sedan limo is the most used limo service throughout the United States. The stretchable limos have certain limitations while plying on the roads, these executive sedans offer a perfect solution to those who prefer a luxurious and yet discreet transportation service. This particular limo is mainly used for business people for transporting clients and important members of the organization. The executive sedan is always considered a worthy alternative than a taxi and is therefore used for transportation from and to different airports. These limos can easily mix in the normal traffic and has all the facilities that one would look for. Its class and styling makes it the king of all the limos. This limo is convenient for three people.

Stretch and Super Stretch Limos
These are the extended versions of the sedans and are a popular choice for social occasions. Stretch limos can accommodate up to eight people while the super stretch limos are ideal for more than fourteen people. These have luxurious facilities the chauffeur of this limo needs to be skilled at driving the car smoothly.

SUV Limos
The SUV limos are favored by everyone. Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL or Cadillac Escalade ESV are some of the popular models in this category. These limos are ideal companions for almost any form of trips. They have large interior spaces to accommodate bags and strollers. Depending on the requirement the SUV limos can be used by travelers, party goers, businessmen, weddings and educational trips. The SUV limo has a wide range of seating arrangements. It can provide room for six persons to twenty-four passengers.

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